Adventure is a Wonderful Thing
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Request for anon!

Ashton from 5SOS is apparently missing Nick…

I’ll be honest, I don’t know which is which so I’ve used this picture of all of them because Ashton is certain to be there somewhere.


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Brace yourselves - Finchy has actual beef with actual Rylan.

Meanwhile I have actual beef with that ‘Eye of the Tiger’ lift music.


I quite like to be called ‘Princess’.
Nick Grimshaw
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 week break sounds like HEAVEN

its awesome - means I’ll be able to listen to the show more too :)

so happy its mid-semester break - two weeks off from uni!


He says, ‘This is weird, but i miss you.’ - which is weird. What do i reply?
Nick about ashtons tweet after playing Don’t Stop
R1 Breakfast Show - 'I think Harry's the creepiest one, he looks like Tim Burton drew him'
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Showbot wants to know why Liam Payne had to go to hospy, the caller thinks Niall is the creepiest member of 1D, Nick gets all the blame and Matt Fincham has celebrity beef. (17.09.2014)

'Who do you think is the creepiest?'
'ME? Me personally? I love them ALL… cause I know the total abuse I'll get if I mention one of them…'
'And that's the right answer!'

 - best bits of the best bits
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my personal favorite bits from the intros of the free downloads of the best bits of the radio one breakfast show with nick grimshaw (7.25min) 

I reckon Harry’s the creepiest one, he looks like Tim Burton drew him.
Nick about who is the creepiest member of One Direction